The complicity of fear

The complicity of fear

It wasn't easy to end a relationship that I had attached both my body and identity to, but I did.

It wasn't easy to confront a friend about the adulterous relationship they were in, but I did.

And it definitely wasn't easy to tell my friends not to attend Beyonce's Renaissance concert last year due to the LORD's warning to the church about the divination & witchcraft she's in, but guess what? I did. That's because the LORD had already given me a revelation about what I heard the Holy Spirit say yesterday regarding the shaking that is happening in the world as I write this (Hebrews 12:25-27), which is...

God is doing things that only He can get the glory for.

See, the LORD has been revealing various things to me over the last few years that He is displeased with both inside & outside the American church. However, in an effort to save us and set us apart from the world, He has sent out a clarion call for repentance and a return to holiness. There is a changing of the guard taking place within the body of Christ right now, and God is raising up a remnant of men & women that are after His own heart not titles, a platform, money, or fame. These people will not back down to threats, criticism, or the faces of men because they understand that God has the first and final say.

Why does this matter? Because you need to watch where you're standing in this hour. Many Christians living in the USA have become docile and complicit in sin & iniquity due to pride and a spirit of fear that has them convinced that we should make space for people's idolatry, rebellion, and witchcraft within the church even at the expense of offending the God that we claim to love. We've become content with having 24/7 access to the Holy Bible and prolific teachers of the gospel on YouTube without actually making an effort to study the scriptures and bear good fruit ourselves.

Truth is some want milk not meat (1 Cor. 3:1-4), more specifically milk that has been diluted with culturally acceptable viewpoints & practices that permit us to cheat on God for self-pleasure and worldly gain while confessing the name of Jesus from our mouths with a heart that's far from Him. I hate to break it to you, but you can't do what you want and serve Jehovah. The LORD has given us boundaries to protect our freedom in Christ because He's been around long enough to know that any exposure to evil, especially perpetual exposure, can tempt us to serve other gods, including the god of self. This is why we must be careful not to align ourselves with people, places, and things that can make us complicit in sin.

Let me make it plain. God will not be mocked! Not by rebellion. Not by idols. Not by lies. Not by unforgiveness. Not by sexual immorality. Not by your entertainment preferences. Not by your fraternities, sororities, or secret societies. Not by your marriage. Nothing. The LORD is just and merciful, but He will not allow the cries of His people to go unanswered. So, as the intensity of His shaking increases, make sure you're standing with God and not in His way because it's about to go down.

"But a man of God came to him saying.... 'But if you go, be gone! Be strong in battle! Even so, God shall make you fall before the enemy; for God has power to help and to overthrow.'" - 2 Chronicles 25:7-8

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