We chose You, but You drew us

We chose You, but You drew us

At approximately 12:08am EST on February 6, 2024, I uttered these words as I prayed before bed...

We chose You, but You drew us.

I immediately stopped to write it down in my journal because I didn't want to forget it; plus I am convinced that it was inspired by the Holy Spirit. While I don't feel the need to elaborate any further on this revelation, I do want to pray for all of us today.

LORD, we thank You for Your goodness, Your grace, and Your mercy. You've been so kind to us whether we realize it or not even on the days when we don't deserve it. There are moments when we may doubt or question what You are trying to accomplish in our lives and where You are leading us, yet being the good Father that You are, You continue to be incredibly patient with us and for that we say thank You. It's certainly not easy staying the course, especially when the temptation to disobey You and to do what we want can feel like the better choice at times. Thankfully, Jesus already forewarned us about the trouble we would face in the world, and Your holy scriptures confirm that You always provide us a way out of temptation. What we need Abba is a renewed perspective. Clear eyes and open ears, so that we can see what You are doing and not miss the moment when You reveal it. You're the only One that can purify our hearts God. The only One that knows the intent of our thoughts. Still, we ask that You would permit us to stand in Your counsel once more and grant us another divine encounter with You because we truly want to know You more. We are willing to do our part this time and obey Your word. To go where You want us to go, to do what You tell us to do, to say what You tell us to say even at the expense of facing a potential loss or unrighteous judgement. It's the fruit of the Spirit that we want most, LORD. It's Your Son that we love and need. We choose You, but we need You to draw us. Our eyes are fixed on You. We give You our full attention. Have Your way in and through us LORD for Your name's sake, and Your name's sake alone. In the mighty name of Jesus Christ we pray, Amen. 

Below are a few scriptures for you to meditate on:

  • John 6:44
  • John 16:33
  • James 1:12
  • 1 Corinthians 10:13 

Feel free to share your thoughts or prayer requests in the comments.

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