Who you ridin' with?

Who you ridin' with?

I think we all can agree that there's a lot going on in the world. Sickness, war, natural disasters, divorce, abuse, and perversion too. Despite this wild reality and all signs pointing to the fact that it's going to get worse, the truth is that the only person who can change God's plans for you in 2024 and beyond is you. 

Your disobedience.

Your discouragement.

Your disappointment.

Your drama.

And everything else in which you pridefully put all the focus & attention on you. 

The Bible tells us that God is not a man that He should lie (Numbers 23:19), so if He said it, you can trust Him, but whether you do or you don't is completely up to you. You can decide to submit to His will or you can decide to forsake Him for whatever or whomever has your affection at the moment. All I'm attempting to do is to make a case for why disobedience to the Father isn't worth it, but abiding in Jesus certainly is. 

The vehicle to getting where God wants you to be when He wants you to be there is obedience. 

That's a revelation that I got during prayer back in January. You can't get to where the LORD meant for you to be on your own (trust me, I've tried and played myself every step of the way). Neither can your money, personality, good works, family or friends.

It has to be God, if He is the One that established it.

It has to be God, if He is the One that said it.

It has to be God, if He is the One that revealed it.

Seeking God first instead of leaning on your own understanding can be the difference between life or death, prosperity or failure, wealth or poverty, victory or defeat. Because when it's all said and done, you don't want to be found anywhere else but on the LORD's side. 

Here's a short clip about something that happened today that reminded me of why it's important to let God lead.

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