How We Got Started

Founded by Abbigail Glen, Praying Is a Lifestyle is a Holy Spirit led personal development ministry that helps men & women encounter the glory of God through Bible study, prayer, and fasting. We launched our first Bible study on February 1, 2022, and our first prayer call a month later on March 1st without any intention of continuing either of these gatherings beyond the month of March. Fast forward to present day, our ministry has hosted 100+ Bible study sessions, over 300 prayer calls, and various small groups for God's people to connect with each other on a weekly basis. We also turn down our plates corporately for the first 3 days of each month and host quarterly Testimony Calls to encourage one another as we walk out our faith in the LORD.

Why We Keep Going

We believe

...the stories of the Holy Bible. We stand firmly on the fact that the writers of the scriptures were led by the Spirit of God to ensure that there is a written record of who God is and who He always will be. The Bible serves as a practical guide on how we are to live our lives.

We have in the God of the Holy Bible. He is the creator of heaven and earth. He is LORD of all and Holy in all of His Ways. We delight in obeying Him because He is a good Father.

We are

...disciples of Jesus Christ. He is our shepherd who was with God our Father in glory before He came into the world in the form of a man to redeem us of our sins, iniquities, and trangressions. Because of Jesus' sacrifice, we enjoy the gift of being sons & daughters of God.

We trust

...the guidance of Holy Spirit who serves as our Counselor, Comforter, and Intercessor. He guides us into all truth about God (our Father) and Jesus Christ (the Son of God), and He tells us of things to come. Holy Spirit helps us accurately discern good and evil, and empowers us to live consecrated lives.

We want see as many people as possible stand and proclaim the name of Jesus Christ and live a life of uncompromised obedience to the LORD. We know what it's like to live life apart from God, and the false sense of satisfaction that it gives (this is a no judgement zone). But despite all the pleasures that the god of this world provides, we can attest to the fact that the peace and joy of living a life on purpose for the LORD is unmatched.

We accept

...the fact that our beliefs may seem peculiar, odd, weird, outdated, or even unfair to some people. However, we choose not to be led by our feelings or the opinions of people. Instead, we choose to surrender our mind, our will, and our emotions to the Spirit of God every day because He knows us best, and He wants the best for us.

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